The Chief Executive of the Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah dismissed the harsh remarks of Ata Mohammad Mohammad Noor against himself and rejected the notion that he was involved behind his dismissal.

Speaking during the meeting of the cabinet, Abdullah said he was only informed regarding his resignation as Balkh governor nearly two weeks ago.

Insisting that he was not involved at any level regarding the decision for the resignation of the Balkh governor, the Chief Executive said Noor had started negations with the presidential palace at his own capacity and had submitted his resignation during the negotiations.

Abdullah further added that the issue must be resolved peacefully as the government is committed to fulfill the commitments it has made to the international, apparently gesturing towards Noor’s remarks that the Chief Executive’s legitimacy will be compromised if Jamiat-e-Islami retrieves its support.

He also called on the political parties and leaders to join hands for the future of the country considering the ongoing situation.

In the meantime, Abdullah admitted that the government had missed some opportunities over the period of the past three years however he said all the governments face ups and downs and flexibility should never be mistaken as weakness.

This comes as Noor said Saturday that none one can dismiss him as the governor of Balkh province by issuing a decree, insisting that the political party he is representing is one of the main sides which played a key role in the formation of the government of national unity.

He also harshly criticized Abdullah and blamed him for conspiring against him in the government and attempting to dissolve the Jamiat party as he called him a snake up in ones own sleeves.


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