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Reports: India wants details of ISI’s role in attack on Afghan parliament

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Khaama Press
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Reports suggest that India wants to seek details of the role of Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) in the attack on Afghanistan’s Parliament. The attack left five people killed and 31 others wounded last week.

The Indian newspaper Deccan Herald writes that India will ask Afghanistan for the information.

Deccan Herald further states: “New Delhi is keen to use the findings of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) of Afghanistan to drive home the point that nexus between Pakistan’s “state actors” and terror outfits poses a threat not only to India, but for the entire region.”

However, Pakistan has rejected involvement in the attack.

India and Pakistan, the two neighboring rival countries accuse each other of supporting terrorist groups against one another’s interest.

India held responsible Pakistan’s ISI for the 2008 Mumbai attacks that left 164 people killed and 308 others wounded.

The attacks were carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba group’s 10 fighters. India said Ajmal Kasab the only attacker captured alive confessed that the attacks were aided by Pakistan spy agency ISI.

Pakistan has also accused India’s spy agency RAW for several militant attacks including the one that left over 40 people killed in Karachi in May.

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  1. Pakistan can never think about to do such a criminal act in Afghanistan.   Taliban is also a problem on the other side of the pak-afghan border.

    Its ridiculous to think that Pakistan supported attack on Afghan parlement or other places in Afghanistan.   Its unfair to blame Pakistan for every internal problem of Afghanistan, instead Afghanistan should enforce its internal security and borde control.

  2. Attacking parliament can only happen in dream if the terrorists are not helped by Pakistan and state machinery…just after attack Taliban took responsibility,where is Taliban command and control headquarters?? its in Pakistan………..The Pakistan government denied any involvement but that’s only diplomacy and not the truth…

  3. The least Pakistan can do is to investigate Belal(ISI) & Molla Shireen(Haqani). Latest request from Afghanistan to shut down businesses & arrest Afghan Taliban Leaders has been rejected saying that Afghanistan will be using these against Pakistan for propaganda. This request was made after Pakistan showed inability to bring Taliban to table. It is all out agencies war I guess.


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