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Report: 5000 Afghan troops quit their job every month

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Six nations prepare for major Helmand operationAccording to the latest figures revealed for every 10 new soldiers recruited to the Afghan National Army (ANA), at least three are lost because they have been sacked, captured or killed in action.

The issue has created concerns regarding the ability of Afghan security forces to protect emerging democracy when coalition forces are leaving the country in less than years time.

Around 5,000 Afghan troops are are quitting every month, according to the latest attrition rates confirmed by British officials.

As the Afghan army and police forces are seen as vital to prevent the return of the Taliban however the Afghan National Security Forces’ (ANSF) failure to hit recruitment and retention targets is particularly troubling for Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (Isaf).

The latest British Government assessments of Afghanistan’s progress towards the goals of stability and democracy confirm that the rate of recruits leaving is far worse than targets set by coalition leaders, amounting to 63,000 every year, or more than a third of the current size of the army, The Independent reported.

The Foreign Office (FCO) has also admitted that the number of recruits exiting the ANA, the border police and the national civil order police has caused “a drain on skills”.

In the meantime Afghan defense ministry spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi said the statistics of the report is not correct and he also ruled out concerns that that Afghan army is being threatened by attrition rate.

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