At least 10 Afghan journalists have been killed in 2019, which still shows a reduction in violence against Afghan journalists comparing it with the year 2018, Nai reported.

Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan released its annual report on Sunday which indicates that the violence against journalists in Afghanistan have decreased by 42% comparing with last year.

Journalists and media staff assassination has significantly been reduced by 50% in Afghanistan, report says.

“Nai’s Statistics reveal that 10 journalists and media staff had been killed in 2019 while 20 journalists and media staff were killed in 2018.”, Mujeeb Khelvatgar, Nai executive director said in a press conference on Sunday.

According to the data provided by the ‘Committee to Protect Journalists’, 46 journalists have been murdered in Afghanistan since 2001, which indicates the country has been one of the worst place for the reporters and media staff.

60% increase of journalists detentions by the government

The report released by Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan shows that detention of journalists and media staffs by the government authorities have increased 60% in the year 2019.

“At least 20 journalists and media staffs have been detained by the Afghanistan’s National Directorate for Security (NDS) in 2019, which comparing it to last year indicates a 60% increase.”, Khelvatgar said.

Nai in its report has proposed to government to take necessary steps in reducing violence against journalists.

The assassination cases whose main ’cause’ have been Taliban should be reviewed by the International courts, Nai has proposed.

Those who still work for the government and have been the ’cause’ of violence against journalists in Afghanistan should be called to justice, Nai has said.

This comes as Jamshid Rasuli, the spokesperson for the General Attorney office said they highly believe in freedom of expression and committed that the ‘violence against journalists’ cases are a priority for them and the General Attorney office will follow them up seriously.


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