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Renowned Afghan writer mysteriously killed in Germany, family seeks justice

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati
Mohammad Dawood Siawash is a well-known journalist, writer and poet.

A prominent Afghan journalist, researcher, poet, writer, and exile member of the Writers’ Association in Germany was mysteriously killed after vanishing for three days.

Baktash Siawash has written on his social media account that he has lost his father, Mohammad Dawood Siawash, in a mysterious incident.

“renowned Afghan journalist, researcher, poet, and writer, and a member of the Writers’ Association in exile in Germany, mysteriously killed after three days of being missing,” Siawash said.

The incident has occurred in Germany as he writes: “The German police have recovered his body, but it remains unclear what happened to him. The German police are conducting an investigation to uncover the truth, and our family anxiously awaits the revelation of this mysterious incident,” he added.

For more than two and half years, Siawash’s father relentlessly pursued justice, seeking the murderer, the perpetrator of the murder and the supporters of the assassin of Yama Siawash.

Two years and ten months ago today, on November 7, 2020, former Tolo News TV presenter Yama Siawash was killed in a car bombing moments after entering a government-owned vehicle in Kabul. Despite the attack’s high-profile nature, the former Afghan government failed to conduct a comprehensive investigation or bring anyone to justice for the crime.

Siawash was renowned among Afghans for engaging in fiery debates with government officials on live television. He exposed corruption and highlighted the deficiencies of then-President Ashraf Ghani’s government, earning him threats from senior Afghan officials.

Yama Siawahs a well-known Journalist who was killed in a car bomb incident.

In April 2021, Afghan authorities announced the arrest of 11 suspects who had reportedly confessed to the bombing and other crimes. However, Afghan authorities have a track record of obtaining coerced confessions through torture. None of the 11 suspects were ultimately prosecuted. A parliamentary inquiry revealed that authorities failed to conduct a proper forensic investigation and neglected to preserve crucial evidence from the attack scene, including the car’s remains.

The Siawash family continues to pursue justice. His murder, along with all assaults on journalists, activists, and civilians, must remain a top priority in any investigation. His father, Dawood Siawash, stood with his son’s case in the international court in the quest for justice.

According to Baktash Siawash, the killing of his father is profoundly mysterious and raises many questions. He called upon the German government and international organizations to conduct a thorough investigation and assist him until the truth was revealed.

Meanwhile, Baktash Siawash said, “Our message to the enemies of justice and freedom is that as long as a drop of Siawash’s blood flows in the veins of any member of our family, we will continue to raise the voice of justice.”

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