A commander of the ISIS group who joined peace process in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan says he regrets for the acts of terror he has committed while was serving in the ranks of the terror group.

According to the local officials, a group of fifteen militants belonging to Taliban and ISIS group joined peace process due to the efforts of the Afghan Intelligence Agency in Nangarhar.

The provincial government media office in a statement confirmed that two commanders of the ISIS group are also among those renounced violence.

A member of the provincial peace council Haji Jan Mohammad said at least five ISIS militants and ten Taliban insurgents have joined peace process and handed over their weapons to the local authorities.

A commander of the ISIS group Sar Mohammad admitted that he was trained in Pakistan regarding the military tactics and was deployed to Nangarhar to conduct acts of terror.

Mohammad also admitted that he has carried out various types of terrorist related activities while serving as ISIS commander including destruction of bridges, roads, religious schools and government schools as well as attacks on civilians and government officials and security personnel.

A commander of the Taliban group Sahaullah also admitted that he has conducted insurgency for a long period of time in Rodat district and was receiving money from Pakistan through brokers as well as the plans regarding the attacks.