NangarharReason behind the tragedy that took place in Behsood District of eastern Nangarhar province about a week ago which claimed eight lives including children was “inheritance”.

The team that has been assigned to get to the bottom of the case says that Yousuf and his family was killed by his relatives.

This information has come up after investigation conducted into the case.

Suspects arrested by the security forces include a nephew of Yousuf.

Yousuf, his mother, wife, son and four daughters were brutally murdered in Mirza Qala area of Behsood District last week. One child was only two-month-old.

Three guests had reportedly visited Yousuf’s house and during the night when all eight members of the family fall asleep they opened fire and killed them.

Killers then locked the door from outside and fled the area. When neighbors got to know about the incident they informed police about it.

Yousuf who was originally from Paktia province had been living in Nangarhar from the past four years.