December 19, 2018

‘Real New Silk Road’ to turn Afghanistan into major regional transit hub

By Khaama Press - Sat Sep 10 2016, 1:30 pm

real-new-silk-roadOptimisms are on the rise with the opening of the New Silk Road connecting China with the Eurasian landmass as two trains carrying dozens of containers bound for Afghanistan left China with the first consignment arriving in Hairatan port of Afghanistan earlier this month.

The initiative by China is considered is a major turnover in Afghanistan’s efforts to turn the country into a regional transit as it has been dubbed as Real New Silk Road following attempts by the then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to start the operations of the road in 2011 but subsequently flopped before it even got started.

According to an article published in Forbes by the magazine’s contributor Wade Shepard China is making good on this ambition by integrating Afghanistan in with their Belt and Road initiative — a major part of what could be called the real New Silk Road.

At least 85 containers were transported in the first Afghanistan-bound train that ceremoniously departed from Nantong in China’s eastern Jiangsu province on 25th August.

The side of the train was draped with a banner that read “Congratulations on the Central Asian trains (Nantong – Afghanistan – Hairaton) launching” and on the front was a similar sign topped off with a bright red pom-pom.

The second train bound for Afghanistan is expected to arrive today after covering 7,500 kilometer of journey from eastern Chinese city of Yiwu to Mazar-e-Sharif city of Afghanistan, carrying over 100 containers worth of $4 million cargo.

The latest developments came as the Afghan government has been attempting to turn the country into a major regional transit hub by taking advantage of the geographical position of the country.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during his speech at a gathering in Kabul said Afghanistan will continue to emerge as a key player to link the region, insisting that the country will no more remain dependent on a single port, gesturing towards the Pakistani ports on which the Afghan traders have long been counting on.

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  1. Its important not only to link northern cities to the Silk road but also Kabul ,Kandahar,Jalalabad and Zaranj to the Iranian and Pashtunkhwa railway system. Peshawar and Quetta need to be linked so that goods can flow from Kandahar to Quetta via the Zahedan -Quetta rail line too and Jalalabad,Torkham Peshawar ,Mardan line. Pakistanis wll now realize the day of blackmailing Afghanistan will soon be over as Afghanistan will be exporting via Iran,Turkmenistan, Hairatan and China.The loosers re the Pakistanis..

  2. We are not losing anything, this is what Afghans need to realise. We have *not* been given access to Central Asia in the first place. Secondly, the entire economy of central Asia is a tiny fraction of the economy of China. The flow of goods between China and the GCC is over $300-400 billion and transit fees are generally 15%, maybe Pakistan will have to lower it for economic reasons, but just a 5% cut amounts to $15-20 billion. Kuwait Petroleum & PAR are setting up oil refineries. Kia Motors is investing in Pakistan as well. We’ll all be okay, I honestly wish the best for Afghanistan, but it’s time Pakistan and Afghanistan divorce. To you be your way and to us be our way. We can both prosper without each other. Go to India, Iran or whomever you like. Similarly leave us be as well.

    1. Shuaib,

      That is what you Pakistanis are good at by bragging. Sometimes calling your country a super power (failing to admit without international aid/charities your military based economy will collapse) calling Karachi the best city of lights in the world ( with it’s filth, crime, overpopulation no city planning). Calling Islamabad the 2nd best city in the world? While your capital city lack electricity & the country has no adequate water sources. It comes from insecurities. We Afghans have nothing in common with Pakistan. We should cut off all relationships with the government who’s major production and export is terrorism around the globe. That is the one thing your government is good at. Afg has many other good, honey and reliable neighbours & Pakistan has never and can never be a good friend. Congrats go ahead and beg Arabs for assistance but we have our own proud long history since we have not been created by a colonizer at the expense of two countries .

    2. You are right Pashtun and Afghans dont need punjabi Terrorist . As for divorce that the Pashtun will decide not a Napakistani sitting in Rawalpindi or Rishwabad. The Pashtunkhwa people will never in a million years divorce from their kin in Afghanistan. They are Afghans first and last. Even Sindhis and Baluch dont want to be part of the cancer of Terrorism that is Punjabistan. India has long rejected you rejects ,even if you willingly hand yourself to india.They know to make Punjab part of India is to destroy all what India worked for. You Punjabi Wahabis are freaks of Asia and are born bad luck people.

  3. The same schizophrenic disorder pledging Pakistan in support of delusional mindset of Pakistani leadership.

    No, Pakistan isn’t isolated from the civilized world…
    Yes, our economy will be huge with some help of our great friends, China and Saudi, we don’t need to do business with the rest of the world…

    You don’t realize with a GDP per capita of a around $1,000, Pakistan is one lowest ranking economies in the world. By collecting some fees from Chinese export will not change your fortune. You needs a strong cooperation with your neighbors, India, Afghanistan, Iran for developing the economy of Pakistan and contributing to the development of region. The fact is that people of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the same, people, the same race have the same culture and similar language. Unfortunately the religious fanatics and your military generals brainwashing your people for the last four decades and it impossible for Pakistani people to realize that Pakistan getting deeper and deeper into a system of corruption, terror, isolation, violence that is orchestrated by your generals and secret service elite. This foreign policy by Pakistan of hatred of India, blaming other for all internal problems and destabilizing neighboring countries by terror is not sustainable in long-term. This approach will destroy your country, if it is not corrected by the people of Pakistan. Of course your military elite who have full access to the resources of your country, they definitely likes to keep the Status quo. Unfortunately the hundreds of millions of ordinary Pakistanis have no prospect for improving their live quality.

  4. The major population of Afghanistan has divorced Pakistan a long time ago. It will be beneficial to the whole world if Pakistan stopped relying on its policies of terrorism and extremism. We also wish Pakistan all the best. But Pakistan must realize that violence is not the answer. Truth be told, Pakistan is one of the most hated country in the world right now. It is isolated beyond words. Afghanistan on the other hand is slowly slowly emerging from the isolation and the shadows of war that has been so unfairly imposed on it by Pakistan. Pakistan need to adhere to good neighbourliness and reap the benefit of cooperation. Afghanistan’s dependence on Pakistan seems to be over. Thank you Iran, Pakistan, China, Turkey and the rest of the international community for helping us connect to the global community!

    1. **OOPPSS** No Thanks was intended for Pakistan!!

    2. ***Correction*** No Thank You to Pakistan Was Intended!!

  5. Correction: No thanks to Pakistan was intended!!

  6. In short, Afghanistan need Pakistan more than Pakistan need Afghanistan. But they need eachother to develop their economy fast. Pakistan isn’t isolated Pakistan is now emerging economy with fast infrastructure development. By returning Afghan refugee (3million ) to their country afghanistan will definately feel the burden that Pakistan was holding for their neighbour and the cost of it.
    Stay strong Pakistan and Afghanistan 

  7. Link between the giant Chinese Drug Lords to Poppy land Afghanistan comes a new blossom of Zombie addicts walking in the road and bridges of Afghan land..

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