After the abduction and torture of the daughter of the Afghanistan ambassador to Islamabad, there have been wide and furious reactions to the incident in Afghanistan.

Head of High Council of National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah denounced the incident and called it most shocking and unfortunate. The statement from the office of HCNR reads that Afghanistan and Pakistan are experiencing tough and sensitive situations and incidents of this kind can further deteriorate bilateral relations.

We request the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to trace the culprits and bring them to justice and extend their security of protecting Afghan diplomats and their families, the statement read.

Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) key leader and member of Pakistan parliament Mohsin Dawar too expressed his concern and called the incident to be rather shameful.

There should have been photos taken by cameras on the scene and the perpetrators should be brought to justice, Dawar wrote on his Facebook.

Social media users too expressed their concern and overall the incident was condemned.

Political analyst and former head of press in presidential palace Najib Azad said, the incident is an obvious breach of the Vienna covenant and should be referred to United Nations by Afghanistan’s permanent representative in the UN.

The daughter of Afghan ambassador to Islamabad Najibullah Alikhel, Selsila Aalikhel was abducted and then tortured on Friday in a highly secured and green zone in Islamabad.