The Afghan spin sensation Rashid Khan who is increasingly gaining popularity as a game-changer player has unveiled the main strength behind his bowling success.

“My main strength is my quick-arm action, which the batsmen can’t pick. I am just trying to take advantage of it,” Rashid Khan said after winning the Palyer of the Match award in IPL game against Delhi Daredevils.

Khan furhter added that “For me, it’s important to bowl on a good length. Makes it tougher for the batsmen.”

“Hyderabad feels like playing in Afghanistan, the love and support they give me. It’s amazing, gives me more motivation to do well. Feel happy to give them something to cheer. Don’t know anyone in Afghanistan who is not watching IPL. My family is also praying for me,” he said.

He managed to take two wickets from overs and by giving 23 runs on the bowling side to help his team Sunrisers Hyderabad secure a victory against Delhi Daredevils.

Rashid Khan was awarded the Player of the Match award for his outstanding performance on the bowling side where he managed to take the wicket of the Daredevils opener Prithvi Shaw who had scored 65 runs.