The Senate House of Pakistan has passed a resolution regarding the alleged killing of civilians in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan as the rare uproar regarding the airstrike persists in the country with the Afghan officials insisting that the Taliban group has suffered heavy casualties in the raid despite it claimed the lives of some civilians as well.

According to the local media reports, the resolution moved by Jamiat e Ulema Islam Fazl (JUI-F) Senator Maulana Attaru Rehman, says strongly condemned the killings of Huffaz in a ‘Dastar Bandi’ ceremony in a seminary.

It was aso claimed that around 250 to 300 seminary students were killed during the airstrike.

This comes as the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military said Friday that the latest findings of the Afghan national Army (ANA) reveals that five senior Pakistan military advisors supporting the Taliban were among those killed in Kunduz airstrike as the raid has sparked an unprecedented uproar in Pakistan.

According to the Shaheen Corps, the Pakistani advisors had apparently visited Dasht-e-Archi district to help coordinate the future spring offensive of the Taliban as well as helping the group to establish contacts with the certain regional countries.

Although the civilian deaths in Kunduz airstrike remains a disputed issue so far with investigations underway regarding the airstrike and civilian casualties, the unprecedented uproar in Pakistan has came as a matter utter surprise.

The current affairs observers, media outlets and activists are saying that the uproar regarding the airstrike in Pakistan is a complete surprise considering the silence of the protesters regarding the deadly attacks of the Taliban in Kabul and other provinces which claimed the lives of hundreds of ordinary civilians.