The civil aviation authority of Afghanistan said in a statement that the radar and VSAT systems guiding flights from Bagram airfield and Hamid Karzai International airport reactivated. Both the systems were deactivated before Resolute Support vacate the Bagram airbase in the north of Kabul.

It comes after local residents of the Bagram district of Parwan province started plundering the military base soon after the last plane carrying US troops flew from the airbase.

Local people purportedly stormed the base and took away a great deal of equipment late on Friday night. Afghan National Army and Police now manning security of Bagram airbase, arrested some culprits and shot wounded others. The Afghan security personnel said that US troops flew and left the airbase without coordination or informing them which caused the plunder.

Bagram airbase, the biggest and most paramount military base for the US and coalition forces in combat with Taliban and hunting down Al-Qaeda perpetrators, evacuated two days back bringing the total number of US troops based in Afghanistan to around one thousand.

Although Pentagon has not clarified the exact date of its last soldier leaving Afghanistan it says that around one thousand US troops will remain in Kabul until handing over security of Kabul airport to Turkish troops.

Bagram airbase is now sixth in Afghanistan being handed over to ANDSF by US troops. Afghanistan Ministry of defense says that they will soon start using the airfield in suppressing the Taliban.


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