Quran burning by Taliban sparks protests in Afghanistan


Hundreds of local residents in eastern Nuristan province on Tuesday protested against Quran burning by Taliban militants group in this province.

Provincial security Chief Gen. Ghulamullah Nuristani confirming the report said protests sparked in central Paron district after Taliban militants burnt a local school.

Gen. Nuristani further added at least 500 local residents of Paron district participated in the demonstration.

This comes as Taliban militants burnt a school in Want Waigal district two days back.

According to provincial education department chief Dr. Ghulam Hussain hundreds of books including religious books and 300 Qurans were burnt inside the school.

Provincial security Chief Gen. Ghulamullah Nuristani said the demonstrators were shouting anti-Taliban slogans and urged for justice.

Nuristan province located on the bordering regions with Pakistan is among the volatile regions in eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants are frequently carrying out insurgency activities.

Local security officials say the Taliban militants backed by Pakistani military forces are frequently carrying out insurgency activities in various districts of this province.

Meanwhile a number of districts of eastern Nuristan province also witnessed cross-border incursion from Pakistan where hundreds missiles were fired into this province.



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