December 15, 2017

Putin’s enormous multibillion-dollar war room revealed

By Khaama Press - Sun Nov 22 2015, 2:18 pm

Putin War Room

As Moscow is expanding its counter-terrorism operations in Syria following a deadly terrorist attack on the country’s passenger jet last month, the Russian defense ministry’s new three-tiered, multi-billion-rouble National Control Defence Centre was the star of the show of a press briefing in Moscow earlier this week.

Putin went straight to the Centre after the Russian officials confirmed on 17th November that the charter jet crashed due to an act of terrorism.

With a capability to coordinate action by the Russian military around the world, including launches of ballistic missiles and the deployment of nuclear weapons, the long-range strategic bombers were shown in cinema sized screens taking off from the Russian air bases to fly missions to Syria.

As Russia seeks a central role in a proposed anti-terrorist coalition, Putin instructed commanders in Syria to “make contact with the French and work with them as allies”.

According to reports, the fortified center is sitting on top a maze of underground tunnels, on the Frunze Naberezhnaya on the left bank of the Moscow river, a little over two miles from Red Square.

The multi-billion dollars center is part of a massive, decade-long modernization of Russia’s army which was completed in 2014.

In a breathless headline this week, a Russian news agency noted “Russian Defense Data Center Outperforms US Facility Threefold: Official.”

The building is roughly the equivalent of the U.S. National Military Command Centre used by the Pentagon, the center also includes a helicopter pad that was deployed on the Moscow River late last year and can accommodate Russia’s Mi-8 transport helicopter.

The Centre would serve as the Russia’s premier communications center with the country’s Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu saying the Centre represents a step toward “forming a single information space for solving tasks in the interests of the country’s defense”.

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  1. Afghan govt. also needs such war rooms to defeat all terrorists in whole country…in every province there is war going on

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