January 19, 2018

Public stoning to death for adultery proposed in Afghan penal code

By Ghanizada - Mon Nov 25 2013, 3:20 pm

afghan-stoningThe Human Rights Watch announced Monday that the government officials in Afghanistan have proposed to reintroduce public stoning to death as a punishment for adultery.

The proposal has reportedly been included in the draft revision of penal code of Afghanistan, which is currently being reviewed by the ministry of justice of Afghanistan.

Several references regarding the public stoning to death for married adulterers, along with flogging for unmarried offenders have been made in the translated draft revision of the penal code, which is being managed by the justice ministry, the Guardian reported.

The article 21 of the draft states, “Men and women who commit adultery shall be punished based on the circumstances to one of the following punishments: lashing, stoning to death.”

Human Rights Watch director for Asia, Brad Adams said, “It is absolutely shocking that 12 years after the fall of the Taliban government, the Karzai administration might bring back stoning as a punishment.”

“President Karzai needs to demonstrate at least a basic commitment to human rights and reject this proposal out of hand,” Adams said.

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