February 09, 2018

Provincial Council: Security situation critical in Herat province

By Sajad - Tue Nov 06 2012, 7:40 pm

According to local authorities in western Herat province of Afghanistan, Taliban militants have warned to attack participants of the Afghan police funeral in this province.

Local residents in Shindand district of Herat province confirmed the report and said Taliban militants have shared the warning through local tribal elders and have warned them not attend the funeral of the Afghan police officers.

This comes as Taliban militants earlier killed a Mullah Imam who was offering prayers to a local police officer killed in this province.

A local tribal elder in Shindand district speaking on the condition of anonymity said Taliban militants have said those working for the Afghan government are puppets of the foreigners.

The source further added Taliban militants have said that offering prayers to Afghan security forces funeral is illegitimate.

He said a government employee was buried without prayers recently since no one could dare to attend the funeral due to Taliban threats.

Provincial council Chief Wahid Qatali confirming the report said Taliban militants are looking to create problems for the Afghan government by issuing such warnings.

He said, “Taliban militants are having great influence in a number of districts in Herat province and are looking to implement violent rules in the areas under their control.”

In the meantime provincial council officials also warned that a number of districts in Herat province are due to fall in Taliban’s control.

They said that more than 50 Afghan security forces have been killed or injured during the past one month in this province and unrest including kidnappings and robbery are considerably increasing.

Provincial Council officials accused the government officials for misusing from their position and said they have ignored the situation and are busy with the election campaigns.

Afghan lawmaker Tor Mohammad Zarifi representing Herat province in Afghan parliament said people are witnessing attacks by Taliban on daily basis.  He said Taliban militants have became powerful in Shindand district and Afghan security forces are unable to control the situation.

But provincial security chief Abdul Ghafar Syed Zada denied the reports and accused the provincial council officials for propagandas in security issues.

He said Afghan police forces are well trained and equipped and have improved the security situation by 70% during the past two months.

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