Anti-Taliban protest in KabulHundreds of Afghans on Friday staged demonstration in capital Kabul to protest against the opening of Taliban political office in Qatar and the controversial peace process with the militants.

The protesters also accused foreigners for supporting the Taliban group to open its political office under the name of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

According to reports the protesters had gathered in capital Kabul from various provinces of Afghanistan.

The establishment of Taliban political office in Qatar under the name of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan angered the Afghan government which resulted to the suspension of bilateral security talks with Washington and the Afghan govenment boycotted peace talks with the Taliban group.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai recently also said that the Afghan government managed to thwart a conspiracy which was plotted with the opening of the Taliban liaison office in Qatar.

Karzai also said that there was no consistency in the agreement between the Afghan government and United States with the opening of Taliban office in Qatar.

He said that it was agreed that peace talks with the Taliban group was supposed to be organized between the Afghan high peace council and the Taliban representatives in Qatar, however the scenario was different when the Taliban political office was opened.