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Protest turns violent in Kabul; journalists, women were beaten


At least 20 women took the streets of Kabul on Thursday and protested against the Taliban for not opening the doors of schools for girls.

The all-women protest which was staged in front of the ministry of education, turned violent with the Taliban as the latter started beating journalists and women.

Though the protest was peaceful and the Taliban allowed the protestors to walk from the ministry of education to the ministry of finance, turned violent later.

Eyewitnesses say that the Taliban fighters policing the demonstration beat a foreign and two local journalists after they were scattered.

The women asked the Taliban not to politicize education and demanded their rights to work and education.

They said, no matter what happens to them but they have to make sacrifices so that the upcoming generations are given their fundamental rights for work and education.’

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has not yet commented about the incident.

The protest comes as the Taliban have still kept the doors of secondary and high schools closed for girls.

Earlier, the Taliban’s acting minister of education had promised UNICEF to open schools for girls after they finalize a work frame in this regard.



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