According to local authorities in western Herat province of Afghanistan, a prominent Taliban leader Mullah Baz Mohammad joined peace process along with his 12 fighters in Keshk-e-Rabat district.

The Taliban leader was mostly operating against the Afghan government in Keshk, Keshk-e-Rabat-e-Sangi and Torghundi port highway and joined peace process on Saturday.

Provincial governor Dr. Daud Shah Saba said Mullah Baz Mohammad also recognized as Mullah Zakir joined peace process following reconciliation efforts by Afghan high peace council and tribal elders negotiations.

Mr. Saba further added the group of insurgents who joined peace process also handed over around 10 weapons along with ammunitions and explosives to Afghan government.

Herat province is considered to be among relatively peaceful region in western Afghanistan however insurgents are operating in a number of its districts however Afghan high peace council has managed to pursue a number of armed insurgents to join peace process in this province during the past few months.

Provincial high peace council officials said around 703 militants have joined peace process during the past one and half years in this province but the insurgents are complaining regarding the lack of work which they say is the main motive for them to fight against the Afghan government.

They say that the insurgents groups are encouraging jobless Afghan youths to join militants groups in a number of provinces in western Afghanistan.