January 17, 2018

Prince Harry confirms killing Taliban militants in Afghanistan tour

By Meena Haseeb - Tue Jan 22 2013, 9:03 am

Prince Harry kill Taliban militantsBritain’s Prince Harry says he killed Afghan insurgents during sorties against the Taliban while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan where he was a gunner in Apache attack helicopters, Reuters reported.

Britain revealed Monday that Prince Harry was returning from a 20-week deployment in Afghanistan, where he served as a helicopter pilot.

The prince’s duties included stints as part of the Very High Readiness (VHR) team at Camp Bastion in Helmand, which meant whiling away the hours playing board games and sleeping fully clothed awaiting a call 24 hours a day.

The Taliban had said it would do its utmost to kidnap or kill Harry during his tour, and an Afghan insurgent warlord labelled him a drunken “jackal” out to kill innocent Afghans.

His base was attacked on his birthday last September, but it was never clear if he was the target or if the Taliban raid, in which two U.S. marines were killed, was in response to a film which was seen as insulting to the Prophet Mohammad.

Harry’s first tour of Afghanistan in 2008 was cut short when foreign media broke a news blackout, and he had to come home early.

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  1. From one side NATO forces are killing our people, from another side Taliban. So what’s the solution way? Just killing these NATO forces.

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