Afghan presidential palace on Wednesday introduced the new nominees for 9 ministries of Afghanistan to obtain confidence vote in Afghan House of Representatives.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai introduced the new nominees for the Afghan ministries which have been managed by the acting heads duiring the past two years.

The new nominees list also includes two fresh candidates for Rural Development and Public works ministries, which had appointed ministers.

Wais Barmak previous deputy of the Rural Development ministry has been nominated to replace Jarullah Mansoori Minister of Rural Development and Najeebullah Ozhan replacing Abdul Qudoos Hamid Minister of Public Works Ministry.

However Mr. Ozhan is not considered to be a well known figure and has not been working in vital governmental positions.

In the meantime Obaidullah Obaid Afghan ambassador to Iran has been nominated to replace Sarwar Danish the acting head of Afghan Higher Education ministry.

Abdul Hassan Abdullahi has been nominated to replace Sultan Hussain Esari the acting head of the Afghan Urban development ministry.

Second Deputy of the Afghan House of Representatives Nematullah Ghafari said, the documents reflecting the education and previous experience of the new nominees will be presented to Afghan parliament in the near future.

Mr. Ghafari also said, the education and working experience of the new nominees will be assessed in two days and the commission will then decide to select an appropriate time for the voting.

This comes as the three other government officials including the attorney general, chief of the Afghan National Directorate for Security and chief of the Afghan Red Crescent are due to receive confidence vote from the Afghan house of representatives while chief of the Afghan supreme court along with four other members of the same have not been introduced to Afghan parliament by president Karzai.

Introduction of the Afghan ministers nominees by Afghan president Hamid Karzai to Afghan parliament is considered to be one of the most controversial issues between president Karzai and Afghan House of representatives during the past 2 years.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai was discouraged by the Afghan parliament’s decision to disqualify 17 nominees for various governmental positions around 2 years ago.

Tensions once again mounted between the Afghan parliament and the Afghan government after president Karzai appointed the disqualified ministers as the acting head of various ministries.