GhaniPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani insisted on robust investment on girls education, saying that educating a girl will have it’s impact on the coming five generations.

He was speaking during the inauguration of USAID-funded Promote project which will seek to advance opportunities for thousands of Afghan women to help them become leaders in the political, private, and civil society sectors.

USAID has committed $216 million to fund Promote project, making it the largest women’s empowerment project in the US Government’s history.

President Ghani reaffirmed commitment to make robust investment on women’s education and promised that women will have major role in the judiciary system of the country.

He said the first women’s university will be opened in Afghanistan with the help of foreign allies of Afghanistan.

President Ghani also called on USAID to help the Afghan women in finding international markets for their products, including the US markets.

The Promote programs will help 75,000 young Afghan women become leaders in their fields over the course of the five-year program. USAID is providing $216 million to Promote, with other donors possibly contributing an additional $200 million.

According to USAID, the Promote program’s main goal is to strengthen Afghanistan’s development by boosting female participation in the economy, helping women gain business and management skills, supporting women’s rights groups and increasing the number of women in decision making positions within the Afghan government.