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President Ghani: Pakistan needs to end its undeclared war with Afghanistan

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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President GhaniPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that No one can break Afghanistan and that Pakistan needs to end its undeclared war with Afghanistan which is being fought from several years.

While talking to a press conference in Kabul on Monday, President Ghani said that the recent terrorist attacks in the country were carried out by groups whose roots are in Pakistan.

“My question from Pakistan is, if an incident like Shah Shaheed would have taken place in Islamabad with its roots in Afghanistan, what would be their reaction?”

President Ghani said that the terrorists were exported to Afghanistan from North Waziristan and now it threatens the entire region.

He urged Pakistan to prevent terrorist activities being planned against Afghanistan from its territory and bring Taliban to the negotiation table.

He said if Pakistan cannot do this then it should close their centers and bring them to justice.

“We want cooperation from Pakistan in war against terror, nothing else,” he added.

During Monday’s conference, President Ghani also made it clear that strict actions will be taken against the killers of Afghans.

He said that he has issued a decree to prepare a comprehensive list of those involved in the bloodshed and instructed the judiciary organs not to adopt a soften stance against those whose hands are red in blood.

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  1. The Afghan army and people like General Dostum still fight the way it was during Northern Alliance period..that time Taliban were in power and NA in minority…but things have changed now,so the army has to not give Taliban equal opportunity at all…the terrorists must be surrounded completely and wiped out present the Taliban is having own front and ANA face them from opposite must never give terrorists space at all

  2. A government can take firm action must have the heart and mind of its people. Kabul regime do not writ beyond its capital as many local power holders each with respective self-oriented agenda run his territory. This situation is favorable breeding ground to all terrorist groups and all foreign intelligences active in the region. Afghan problem is not merely a local or regional problem anymore it has international dimension which beyond the writ of Kabul. 

  3. افغانستان د پاکستان د غلامانو ځای ندی، له ګران ښاغلی ډاکټرصاحب اشرف غني څخه هیله کوم چې نور پاکستاني اجنټانو ته وخت ورنکړي څو افغانان په وینو کښې ولړي.


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