President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has ordered the Ministry of Interior to strictly follow the cases of the murder perpetrators involved in the killings of religious scholars.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said President Ghani issued the latest instruction during a meeting with the members of the provincial Ulemas Council in Kapisa.

The statement further added that the Ulemas Council Chief of Kapisa Mawlavi Mirwais Karimi hailed President Ghani’s stance regarding the fight against corruption, land grabbers, warlords and shared their issues and recommendations lack of budget, follow up on the murder cases of Ulemas, standardization of religious schools curriculum, printing of books, and increasing the numbers of the religious schools.

In his turn, President Ghani thanked the Ulemas for their Fatwa regarding peace and ceasefire and said he will instruct the ministry of interior to strictly follow the cases of the perpetrators involved in the killings of the religious scholars.

He also added that work will be done to standardize the curriculum of the religious schools and the distribution of the copies of Holy Quran is underway in the religious schools across the country.

Pointing towards the electoral, peace, and ceasefire issues, President Ghani said the role of the religious scholars is vital in key national issues and their Fatwa resulted into successful observation of the ceasefire across the country.