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President Ghani offers roadmap to reach prolonged peace: Report

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
Khaama Press is a Kabul-based independent and non-political news organization established in 2010.

President Ashraf Ghani will offer a three-phase peace roadmap for Afghanistan during the Turkey summit, his plan will be seeking an agreement and a ceasefire before elections, Reuters reported

As the United States is pushing for the UN-led Turkey summit to finalized the peace deal between the government and the Taliban by May 1st, Ghani’s plan will counter hasty US proposals which were rejected by the Afghan government because it demanded an interim government without any process to put country’s constitution first and loomed way for US withdrawal.

The document seen by Reuters indicated that reaching an endstate proposal includes:

  1.  “A consensus on a political settlement and an internationally monitored ceasefire”.
  2.  “Holding a presidential election and the establishment of a ‘government of peace’ and implementation arrangements for moving towards the new political system”.
  3. “Building a ‘constitutional framework, reintegration of refugees and development’ for Afghanistan moving forward”.

A senior government official told Reuters that President Ghani has already shared his plans with foreign capitals.

According to Reuters some Afghan government officials and prominent political figures would have to agree on an agenda before the Turkey summit, an exact date has not yet been announced for the summit but some sources have said that the meeting could take place in two weeks.

Previously, US President Joe Biden said that withdrawal from Afghanistan would be hard by May 1st just in terms of tactical reasons, but he also said that the US won’t remain the country by next year.

In a statement, last month the Taliban reacted to Biden’s words and threatened that the hostilities of the group would increase against the international forces in Afghanistan if the US did not meet May 1 deadline envisaged in the agreement.

Reuters published in their story that upon the release of thousands of other Taliban prisoners the group would accept an extension of the deadline and won’t attack the international troops.

A Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem, has rejected this claim and said no offer had been made, Reuters reported.

This comes as Sarwar Danish Second Vice president on Sunday said that preservation of the Afghan constitution and elections are the main roadmaps of the government to achieve a prolonged peace.

These roadmaps are reported crucial for preventing disruption and collapse of the system.

Danish noted that preserving a nation’s constitution is preserving values and preventing chaos and that the amendment should be based on legal mechanisms.

Peace and war situations require re-elections for peace to be maintained in the country, Danish said.

Afghanistan is ready to hold elections under the supervision of the international community, VP Danish hinted.

National security advisor earlier stressed the transfer of power through a democratic scheme and way, and he said President Ghani would not run in the elections.

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