President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday issued a new presidential decree in support of transparent elections and to prevent the interference of the government, security, and other officials in the process of elections.

Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, presidential spokesperson Haroon Chakhansuri, said President Ghani has issued a new presidential decree to ensure transparency during the elections and prevent the interference of the government officials and employees in the elections process.

He said based on the new decree, the government and military officials as well as the lawmakers have been prohibited to interfere in the elections.

Chakhansuri further added that the government officials have also been prohibited to use the government vehicles for their personal use and in support of the elections.

According to Chakhansuri, President Ghani has also instructed the security institutions to step up efforts to ensure security of the elections.

President Ghani has also ordered the security personnel to refrain from the entry into the polling stations, voters registration centers, and the counting centers and prevent the use of weapons in the same areas.

He also ordered the Ministry of Interior to increase the number of female police forces in polling stations in a bid to ensure the large participation of women in the elections.

This comes as a statement was released earlier suggesting that President Ghani has met separately with the political and Jihadi leaders to hold consultative talks regarding the elections, peace, and other key national issues.