President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has invited the Taliban group to participate in negotiations in any part of the country the leadership of the group is prepared to hold talks regarding reconciliation.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani renewed the government’s call for peace negotiations as he was speaking with the members of the Afghan High Peace council and the Afghan Ulema Council.

He said the prospect for reconciliation is positive and emphasized for more efforts as he noted that a consensus exists on national, regional, and international for peace process.

President Ghani also welcomed the administration of ceasefire in a better way and said the Afghan people have full confidence regarding the future.

According to President Ghani, the ceasefire was declared based on the Fatwa/decree of the religious scholars, calling the demands for ceasefire a spontaneous move by the nation and the relgious scholars of the country.

He said the declaration of ceasefire from the 27th of the holy month of Ramadan and during the Eid days brought happiness and hope among the people and the ceasefire declaration showed that the Afghan nation is still pride of their identity and religion.

President Ghani thanked the Afghan nation for welcoming the Taliban during the ceasefire period and sharing their happiness with them as he emphasized that the Afghan nation respects consultations and consensus based on the demands of the people.

He also called on the Afghan nation to share their recommendations and concerns regarding the peace process with the Afghan High Peace Council and the Presidential Palace.