Ashraf Ghani visits Kunduz to hail Afghan forcesPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan after days of violence as a result of a Taliban attack which resulted to fall of Kunduz city.

His visit to Kunduz province comes as the security officials announced Tuesday that the control of Kunduz city was fully retaken from the Taliban.

Hailing the Afghan forces for their sacrifices and bravery, President Ghani said “We have the will, belief, determination, and will never surrender to anyone.”

President Ghani said the Afghan security forces are main factor of peace and stability who are moving forward as a professional force.

He also added that the military officers and service members will receive medals for their bravery and sacrifices, promising his full support to the families of the fallen soldiers.

The attack by the Taliban militants last month was one of the major offensives of the group since 2001 when the group was ousted from power as a result of US-led invasion.

It was the first time Taliban militants had taken over a strategic city including a hospital and a prison where they reportedly freed hundreds of inmates besides incurring heavy casualties to the civilians.