GhaniPresident Mohammad Ashraf Gahni has said that the Presidential election in 2019 would be the most transparent election on regional level.

While talking to the participants of Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) on Saturday, President Ghani said it is impossible to solve all problems at one time.

He said the Electoral Reform Commission that was assigned to review the electoral system has completed its task and sent necessary suggestions to the Presidential Palace.

He further said these suggestions would be discussed in the cabinet meeting for bringing necessary reforms to the election system.

President Ghani reiterated that the reforms would pave way for more transparent elections in the future.

Afghanistan had a controversial presidential election last year where candidates expressed dissatisfaction over the process.

The controversial election gave a result after two leading candidates Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah agreed on forming a National Unity Government  to have both of them in power.

An agreement was reached making Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the President and Abdullah Abdullah the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).