nuristaniThe preliminary vote results for the runoff presidential election will be released on coming Monday, the officials said.

Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani, the Independent Election Commission Chief, said the preliminary vote results have been delayed due to the audit of vote in certain polling stations.

Nuristani further added that votes in 1930 polling stations across the country will be audited by election commission.

The preliminary vote results for the runoff presidential election was due to be released today as per the electoral calendar.

The Independent Election Commission also released a statement today, saying, “The second round of audits, which began yesterday (1 July), is articulated in IEC Decision 24‐1393, according to which, results from any polling station in which the total number of ballots cast is 599 or higher is subject to audit. Decision 24‐1393 was adopted on 29 June as an extraordinary measure, enabling the IEC to examine ballots more closely and to better ensure the accuracy of the results.”

The statement furhter added, “Effectively, there will be 1,930 audits conducted across 30 provinces of Afghanistan. To date, 724 audits (more than 37.5%) are complete and the IEC expects to announce preliminary results till next Monday 7th July.”

IEC said it remains committed to separate valid from invalid votes and preserving the integrity of the electoral process.

The final election results should be announced on 22 July, 2014, the statement added.