Following the conclusion of an for the relocation of one thousand refugees from Greek Camps, around 100 refugees are due to relocated to Portugal in the first phase of the resettlement program, it has been reported.

The Migration Minister of Greece Dimitris Vitsas announced Friday that 100 refugees would be relocated in the first phase of the program, to include individuals with a right to asylum.

In a statement posted in his official Facebook page, Vitsas announced that the first 100 refugees to be transferred in the “pilot phase” will be mainly families and other vulnerable persons “granted and/or seeking international protection who are currently in camps.”

The initial agreement for the resettlement of 1000 refugees to Portugal concluded in October between Greek officials and Portuguese interior minister Eduardo Cabrita.

The draft agreement was then referred to European Commission for arranging funds for the program which subsequently was approved, according to Vitsas.

According to agreement, the asylum seekers would be interviewed by Portuguese authorities after submitting their application for asylum in Greece.