The U.S. Secretary of States Mike Pompeo arrived in Kabul early on Monday to meet the Afghan leaders amid political uncertainty as the country grapples with the growing threats of COVID-19 and efforts to end the ongoing war.

The Associated Press reported that Pompeo is in Kabul on an urgent visit aimed at moving forward a U.S. peace deal signed last month with the Taliban.

The report further added that Pompeo will have separate meetings with Abdullah and Ghani before having a joint meeting with both the leaders.

Pompeo is also expected to facilitate a one-on-one meeting between Abdullah and Ghani, presumably to discuss a possible compromise, the Associated Press added.

This comes as the two presidential rivals held parallel oath taking ceremonies in capital Kabul earlier this month.

The Independent Election Commission announced incumbent Ashraf Ghani as the winner of the controversial presidential elections last month.

However, Abdullah said he had won the presidential race, insisting that he would form a parallel government.

Reacting to growing political tensions, the State Secretary of the United States tweeted that “The U.S. strongly supports a unified and sovereign #Afghanistan and opposes any effort to establish a parallel government or any use of force to resolve political differences,” Pompeo said in a Twitter post.

He also added that “Prioritizing an inclusive government is paramount for peace.”


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