December 17, 2017

Poll: 52% Americans believe US has mostly failed in Afghanistan

By Ghanizada - Fri Jan 31 2014, 2:23 pm

US-ArmyAccording to a new poll result, the majority of the Americans believe that United Stats has not achieved its goals both in Afghanistan and Iraq after a decade of war.

The poll conducted by USA Today/Pew Research Center also revealed about half of Americans (52%) say the U.S. has mostly failed to achieve its goals in Afghanistan while 38% say it has mostly succeeded.

According to the poll report, the opinions of the Americans about the U.S. war in Iraq are virtually the same: 52% say the United States has mostly failed in reaching its goals there, while 37% say it has mostly succeeded.

The evaluations of the wars have turned more negative in recent years in both cases, as a majority (56%) thought the U.S. had achieved its goals in Iraq as the US was completing its military withdrawal in 2011.

Similarly, 58% of the Americans believed that the US would achieve its goals in Afghanistan, shortly after Osama bin Ladenwas killed by US forces in neighboring Pakistan.

The national survey was conducted between Jan 15-19 by Pew Research Center and USA TODAY, where 1,504 adults were questioned regarding the US war in Afghanistna and Iraq.

In the meantime, the survey report has revealed that about 51% of the Americans believe that the decision to use military force was the right one while 41% say it was the wrong decision.

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  1. This is false. You have to stand up against corruption and the Taliban! Stand up and take control of your country! Stop just letting them walk over you! Join together and take them out!!!!! Its your country!!!!

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