A report published by Tolonews indicates, that some Afghan politicians have expressed their views on an unknown draft claimed to be an outline of a future government.

Former Mujahideen leader and former minister of energy and water, Mohammad Ismail khan say, that the draft includes views of the United States and the Taliban, and it is not inclusive for a future government setup.

“This draft, from my point view, gives concessions to the Taliban in which a 50-50 government is divided with the Afghan government and the real sides of the Afghanistan matter are not part of this effort,” Tolonews quoted Khan.

But Ahmad Zia Massoud, former vice president and the deputy head of the Jamiat-e-Islami party, said that establishing an interim government is one of the fair options for the way forward in the country’s political efforts.

According to the report, Ahmad Zia Massoud, deputy of the Jamiat-e-Islami indicated that establishing an interim government is the only way forward, “The only political solution in the country is the establishment of an interim government, an acting government or a national reconciliation government,”  Massoud was quoted in the report that “(President) Ashraf Ghani is opposing peace in order to remain in power.”

On the other hand, Dawa Khan Menapal had said “An interim or an acting government or any other type of government is unacceptable”, Tolonews reported.

The report indicated, that Russia and Iran have joined the Taliban on the view of an interim government that has directed the peace negotiations into a much-debated topic.

 “This is related to the negotiations of the two (negotiating) teams and to their agreement,” Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander said.

But some negotiators of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that key values in Afghanistan’s Constitution are unchangeable. 

“Individuals freedoms, media freedom, the principle of equality in the Constitution, women’s participation, the principle of democracy are the principles that should be preserved in any amendment in the constitution,” the report quoted Fawzia Koofi, a republic’s side negotiator.

This comes as peace talks have stalled in Doha, Qatar and for the last 21 days there were no reports of progress in peace talks.


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