A number of political parties, movements, and political leaders on Friday set a new deadline for the government to respond positively regarding their demands for the upcoming parliamentary, districts councils, and presidential elections.

The leaders of the political parties met in Kabul today and issued a joint declaration regarding their demands for the upcoming elections.

The political leaders demand the launch of biometric registration of the voters for the upcoming elections under the supervision of the technical teams and to be guaranteed by the relevant authorities.

They also demand a change in the electoral system as per the demands of the political parties, movements, and leaders.

The joint declaration issued at the end of the political leaders meeting also included the facilitation of the monitoring facilities during the electoral processes.

The political parties, movements, and leaders set a deadline of two weeks for the government and the independent election commission to respond positively to their demands.

In their declaration, the political leaders warned that they would adopt other options in support of the protection of the nation laws and democratic system if the government and the election commission failed to take necessary steps.