A number of political leaders on Thursday announced the formation of a new major political coalition, Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan.

The Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan has been formed under the leadership of First Vice President of Afghanistan General Abdul Rashid Dostum, Jamiat Islami Chief Executive Ata Mohammad Noor, Second Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq, and some other key political figures.

The members of the coalition are saying that the Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan has been formed with an aim to work for better governance, job creation, maintaining stability, peace talks, transparent elections, and improvement of the security situation of the country.

One of the leadership members of the party, Ata Mohammad Noor, said the new coalition was formed due to the growing instability, poverty, ethnic divisions, and physical removal of the political figures, monopoly of power, and other key issues the country is facing.

He claimed that the government has fulfilled its duties properly and the country is on the verge of division where different types flags are seen in different places.

Noor further added that the new coalition will declare its programs in the near future.

He also warned that the government is on the verge of collapse and asked the government leaders to kneel before the political parties for the salvation of Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive of Jamiat Islami also called on the international community to preserve its neutrality and independence in Afghanistan and work as bridge between the world and the Afghan nation.

Another member of the coalition Mohammad Mohaqiq said the new coalition has no negative opinion about the government and the coalition has only been formed to fill the vacuums.


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