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Polish troops rescue abandoned female baby in Afghanistan

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Skeptical of the bundle alongside the road in Southern Afghanistan, Polish soldiers decided to take the risk and take a look. Inside a towel was an infant girl, barely two days old, left to die from either the elements, starvation, or wild animals.

At first, the passing soldiers checking a route in Afghanistan thought they had come across an improvised explosive device but on closer look they realised that inside a bundle on the roadside was an abandoned newborn baby girl, alive and wrapped in a towel.

The youngster, who was dropped near the military base Waghez in the south of the country appeared to be healthy. There were no buildings or civilians within a mile of where the Polish soldiers saw the child.

The column transported her to a medical centre at their base, and as she underwent thorough medical check-ups soldiers were sent to buy baby formula, a bottle and a bib.

A spokesman for the Polish Defense Minister reported that the soldiers were doing a safety check of routes near their base in Waghez when the swaddled infant was found.

Roadside bombs are often hidden in trash or the carcasses of dead donkeys and dogs. Fate drew the Polish soldiers to investigate the bundle although they had reason to fear for their safety.

The healthy infant, now known as Pola, for the soldiers’ homeland, will be turned over to the Afghan government where her life as an abandoned female will likely be in jeopardy.

Their find happened a day after a British servicewoman gave birth in Afghanistan, after not realising she was pregnant.

The woman, who is originally from Fiji, had a healthy son at Camp Bastion on Tuesday. Both mother and baby are in a stable condition and will be flown home in the coming days.

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