Nigerian baby factory, where men are hired to impregnate women, was raided following reports the company was making money by selling babies.

The location was raided by the police on Tuesday, rescuing tens of women and children.

At least four children and six women were rescued, four of whom were pregnant, after the raid happened in the illegal maternity home.

The factory operated secretly under the baby factory name in Ogun state, it was operated by a woman who already stands trial for human trafficking.

‘Acting on a tip-off, our men stormed the illegal maternity home and rescued 10 people, including four kids and six women, four of whom are pregnant,’ police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi told AFP news agency on Wednesday.

The alleged woman paid men to impregnate women so the traffickers could sell their children in the black market for profit.

These factories usually are parading as private medical clinics that house pregnant women and offer their toddlers for sale.

Some cases include women being raped before their children were put on the black market.

A man and the daughter of the alleged woman were detained during the operation by the Nigerian police.

Investigators in the country indicated children were sold for a total of £1,000 for a boy and £700 for girls.

These women were tricked into leaving their homes in the rural areas with the promise of domestic employment in Lagos before being forced into pregnancy, Nigeria police said, while some women joined the syndicate voluntarily to make money for a living.

The area where the operation took place was in Mowe of the southwestern Ogun State.