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Police Raid on Aga Khan Office in Pakistan Sparks Community Anger and Incites Protests

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In a troubling development on Sunday evening, the quiet district of Thatta in the Sindh province of Pakistan witnessed a forceful police raid on the Aga Khan’s Council’s office in Var Town. This unexpected action led by SHO Sajjad Jamal of the SujawalPolice Station sparked immediate outrage among the local Ismaili community and broader civil society.

According to eyewitness accounts, the police, lacking any apparent legal basis or prior notice, forcefully entered the premises, breaking through the main gate and causing extensive damage. They vandalized the property by smashing windows and dismantling the CCTV system, actions which seemed to stem from misdirected anger or misinformation.

The police initially claimed that the raid was to dismantle a supposed Gutka (chewing tobacco) factory allegedly operating within the office, but this rationale was quickly refuted by the community and later by the police themselves. Senior police officials, including DSP Izhar Hussain of Ghorabari and SSP Dr. Khaliq Pirzada of Sujawal, expressed ignorance about the raid’s authorization and disavowed the actions taken under their watch.

The raid not only disturbed the peace but also encroached upon the sanctity of the adjacent community center (Jamaat Khana), prompting a large number of community members to confront the officers. The situation escalated as residents resisted the intrusion, resulting in police officers reportedly threatening those who opposed them.

Following the raid, significant protests erupted, effectively halting traffic between Var Town and the city of Thatta for about two hours. The Ismaili community, known for its peaceful presence and significant contributions to Pakistan’s independence and progress, was vocal in condemning the violation of their rights and religious spaces.

The incident has led to widespread criticism, with various leaders and legal representatives calling for a thorough investigation and accountability for the officers involved. Despite assurances from police officials about conducting a departmental inquiry, the community’s trust remains severely shaken.

This event in Thatta District highlights ongoing issues of police conduct and the need for greater accountability and respect for community spaces by law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. As the investigation continues, the Ismaili community’s demands for justice and assurances that such incidents will not be repeated stand as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in upholding the rule of law and human rights in the region.

Thatta District, situated approximately 98 kilometers east of Karachi, is a region steeped in history and cultural significance within Pakistan’s Sindh province. Known for its rich heritage, Thatta has been a center of civilization and trade for centuries, famously housing the ancient necropolis at Makli, one of the largest funerary sites in the world. The district’s proximity to Karachi, a major urban center and the economic heartbeat of Pakistan, adds a strategic dimension to its character, connecting it to broader national and international networks. This geographic and historical context makes Thatta not only a key cultural repository but also a vibrant community with a unique identity within the diverse tapestry of Pakistan.

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