The Paktia Police HQ announced the resignation of Akhtar Mohammad Shahin, the provincial security chief.

Paktia Governor Halim Fedayi says Shahin has resigned due to negligence in the system.

A source, who didn’t want to be named, said that the Paktia police chief had resigned due to injustice, increased corruption, and the unprofessional nature of the police at the Paktia police headquarters.

Akhtar Mohammad Shahin is said to have been appointed police chief of Paktia province about two months ago.

Paktia is one of the southeastern provinces of Afghanistan, and one of the most insecure provinces in the country where the Taliban have a large presence.

In the last month, the Taliban have launched large-scale attacks in the province.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.