Sediq AfghanAfghan mathematician philosopher Mohammad Seiq Afghan was recognized as the Man of the year for 2012 by International Biography Center, Cambridge in United Kingdom.

The British based scientific center has also designed a special medal in recognition of the research work of Sediq Afghan considering his research and work in the filed of mathematics.

The center has also authoritized Mohammad Sediq Afgan to confer the medal to scholars of the world.

He has been invited by the Britain-based center and the World Federation Massachusetts of America has invited Sediq Afghan and his team to attend the international conference to be held in US from June 28 to July 3,2013 and from July 3 to July 6 2013.

Sediq Afghan was born 1958 in Kabul and is an Afghan philosopher and mathematician, currently head of the International Center for Mathematical Philosophy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

He had major role in social and political affairs in the country including a prominent role in protests in Kabul Jan about Afghanistan- and Islam-related issues, including an anti-American protest in 2003, a hunger strike to protest over beatings of journalists by Afghan security officers in 2006, and another one to protest the 2008 Danish Muhammad cartoons.

He completed his preliminary education in Afghanistan and received his doctorate in mathematics from the Moscow University.

He completed his preliminary education in Afghanistan and received his doctorate in mathematics from the Moscow university. Philosophies He is self credited for inventing many mathematical formulas which, according to him, has been registered and published worldwide. He has also found and is the head of the International Center for Mathematical Philosophy.

According to him, he has met with many diverse political figures throughout Afghanistan’s history to present and discuss his theories about their government and politics. Some include Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan, Dr.Najibullah President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Omar, Ustad Mojadidi,Professor Rabani, Gorbachov former president of Russia. Fransawa Mitran former president of France. Shiwardnadzi president of Gorjistan. Boris Yelsin former president of Russia. Karimov president of Uzbakistan. Rafsanjani president of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Based on his behavior in his interviews and his claims, he might be suffering from schizophrenia Current Involvements He is known for his outspoken criticism of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, of the secular governments that followed, and of the Taliban regime. In Kabul, he led first anti-U.S. protests during May 2003.

He studied in Tajekistan. For the past 19 years he has kept himself busy studying the Qur’an as a science. He has memorized the Qur’an.

He is the head of International Center for Mathematical Philosophy.