The Kabul police forces have arrested the culprit involved in the murder of three people in Kabul province, the security sources said.

The perpetrator, identified as Ali Ahmad, was arrested during an operation of the police forces in Deh Sabz district of capital Kabul.

The Criminal Investigation Department said Ali Ahmad had murdered three people a while ago by opening fire on them and had managed to escape the area.

No further details have been given regarding the circumstances surrounding the murder of the three individuals.

However, the Criminal Investigation Department said the detained individual has been introduced to the judiciary institutions for the trial.

This comes as two other individuals were arrested on charges of murdering two people in Kabul city.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department, the detained individuals have been identified as Shamsuddin and Ibrahim, who were involved in the murder of two people.

The source further added that the two men had also injured four people by opening fire on them and had escaped from the area.

Both the perpetrators were arrested during an operation conducted in the vicinity of the 12th police district of the city, the Criminal Investigation Department added.