The United States Department of Defense or Pentagon has presented a new report to the US Congress regarding the situation of Afghanistan.

The report covers the security situation of Afghanistan from late 2017, mainly focusing on the new US strategy for South Asia, the ongoing fight against terrorism, and the Afghan peace efforts.

According to Pentagon, the new US strategy announced by President Donald Trump has increased hopes for a political settlement among the Afghan government and security institutions.

Pentagon has hailed President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for his offer to Taliban group for reconciliation but emphasizes on relentless military pressure on the group.

The report states that the perception among the Taliban ranks for achieving their goals through military means should be eliminated.

In the meantime, the US Department of Defense or Pentagon, emphasizes on continue support to the Afghan national defense and security forces in the framework of train, advise, and assist mission.

Pentagon says the main objective is to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a safe haven to the terror groups which are aiming to carry out attacks against the United States.