The United States Department of Defense, Pentagon, hailed the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), for their response to the Taliban offensive on Farah city. (Photo Courtesty – Resolute Support Mission)

“This week, the Afghan national defense and security forces, supported by U.S. air power and advisers, defeated a major Taliban offensive in Farah City in western Afghanistan. Today, in spite of vain Taliban attempts to challenge the Afghan government’s control of Farah City remains under the control of Afghan defense and security forces,” Pentagon spokesperson Dana White told repoters.

She said “Our Afghan partner’s success in places like Farah are a testament to the tremendous improvements in the Afghan National Army, Afghan Special Security Forces and the Afghan Air Force. Afghan A29’s and MI-17’s conducted multiple airstrikes during the Afghan-led offensive in Farah.”

“Now, for the first time across Afghanistan, all six Afghan Army corps are on the offensive against the Taliban. This is a great milestone for Afghanistan that will allow for coordinated campaigns as they take the fight to the Taliban throughout the country,” she added. .

She said “We stand firmly beside our Afghan partners and will continue to reinforce this Afghan-led offensive. As Secretary Mattis has said, we stand by the Afghan people, we stand by the Afghan government and the — and the NATO mission in Afghanistan will continue as we drive the Taliban to a political settlement.”