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Pentagon condemns attack on Kandahar Airfield, U.S base

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United States condemned Taliban Attack on Kandahar air base, where several hundred American troops are stationed,

Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby said Wednesday at a media briefing.

According to Kirby US condemns the attack on the Kandahar airfield and is home to several hundred U.S and coalition forces.

The attack did not result in any type of casualties, but the Taliban’s decision to provoke extreme violence in Afghanistan “remains disruptive” to the ongoing peace, he added.

U.S Forces-Afghanistan reported that the base is under the control of the Afghan government but the U.S and coalition forces are still present inside the premises.

In a statement, US forces in Afghanistan also confirmed that the rocket attacks on the Kandahar airbase have not inflicted any type of damages or casualties.

Kirby, on the other hand, did not provide details on whether the attack violence US-Taliban agreement.

The violence remains too high, Kirby said, “Clearly, this attack certainly indicates that’s going to be disruptive to the opportunity to achieve a peaceful negotiation, but I’m not prepared today to give an assessment of this attack as balance against the Doha agreement”.

This attack comes just three weeks before the May 1st deadline for the U.S troops pullout from Afghanistan.

However, the situation and the US-Taliban agreement are under the Biden administration review.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden in an interview indicated that US withdrawal would not be difficult but it will hard and tough from a tactical and logistical point of view.

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