President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that peace and stability in Afghanistan is important for the regional and global stability.

Speaking during an event attended by the journalists from 34 provinces of the country in ARG Palace on Wednesday evening, President Ghani said Afghanistan is the connective intersection which connects Asia and the other continents.

Emphasizing that Afghanistan’s stability is important not only for the Afghans but for the entire international community, President Ghani said Afghanistan is neither a foe nor a friend to any specific country but has relations with the other states based on international interests of the country.

He also emphasized on the importance of promoting the culture of peace to end the 40-year-old violence in the country and said Afghanistan is ready to endure any kind of sacrifice.

President Ghani further added that the main points of peace should be a national topic of dicussion as he emphasized on the important role of media activists in strengthening the national unity and the role of each Afghan in nation building.

He said the nation wants a change that should result into lasting peace and stability in the country.