President Mohammad Ashaf Ghani says ‘peace comes with a price’ emphasizing that he is not authorized to determine the cost for the peace but added that any deal regarding the peace and reconciliation would be finalized in broad day light and in front of everyone.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the activist of the Civil Society in Chahar Chinar Palace of the ARG Presidential Palace.

He said the nation should decide at what cost they want and the nation should not pay a price for an unsustainable peace that would bring remorse.

Emphasizing that peace deal needs the support of the nation; President Ghani said the deal would be finalized in broad day light and in front of the nation.

In the meantime, President Ghani said the situation has changed now as compared to four years back when lack of hope and isolation had shed shadow over the nation.

However, he said the nation has once again regained its balance between hope and disappointment and the country is not in a position of isolation on regional and international level.

According to President Ghani, the Afghans are now in lead of peace process, elections, reforms, which are being implemented with consultation and set targets and high councils in ARG Palace are good examples that decisions are not taken behind closed doors as the Civil Society members have presence in all those councils.

According to ARG Palace, Zahra Mosawi, Zaman Gul Dehati, and Fazela Sarosh shared their specific recommendations and concerns on behalf of the others regarding transparent elections, reforms, peace and ceasefire.

The statement by ARG Palace also added that the participants of the meeting endorsed the development programs of the government and demanded the role of civil society regarding strengthening of democracy, preventing the interference of influential people in elections, better administration of the ceasefire, implementation of reforms in civil and military sectors, and determining the local and foreign barriers and opportunities available on the way for peace process.