The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has cancelled the vote recount and audit conducted under the supervision of the former electoral commissioners.

IECC officials have cited widespread fraud in the audit and recount process of the votes which were invalidated by former leadership of the commission in December last year.

In the meantime, a meeting report circulating in the media states that a meeting was organized between Independent Election Commission and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission to discuss ways for fairly responding to the appeals pertaining to issues of Kabul.

The report further adds that it was decided that documents related to appellate cases of Kabul should be quarantined, sealed and locked in the offices of Independent Electoral Complaints Commission.

The participants of the meeting also decided that all assessments, audits, and recounts of the votes conducted by previous commissions (Independent Election Commission and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission) have been cancelled.

All results sheets which have been prepared in election sites during the first and second day of elections will be deemed as valid provided that the sheets are prepared considering the required standards and election bill checks, the report states.

It also adds that the Independent Election Commission is obliged to share all documents related to Kabul elections with the Independent Electoral Complaints Commissions.

The meeting participants also decided that all original results sheets of the first and second day of the elections will be quarantined, sealed, and locked by Independent Electoral Complaints Commission in a specific place, the report states.