December 17, 2017

Parliament Speaker Not Yet Elected

By Khushnood Nabizada - Sun Feb 06 2011, 10:18 am

(Tolo News) – Efforts by Afghan lawmakers to choose House Speaker still ends with no results.

On Saturday talks in House of Representatives focused on abstention vote that is believed to be the only reason why the parliament hasn’t been able to elect a house speaker.

Yonus Qanooni and Abdul Rasul Sayaf, the two former candidates for the post, have presented some suggestions about the seat, temporary head of the house said.

It has been a week that Afghan parliamentarians struggle to choose head of the house, but efforts result in no breakthrough.

Some legislators believe that Constitutional Implementation Commission should be asked to provide help about blank votes.

“If some say it is not applicable and some say it is, then this is a case that should be referred to constitutional implementation commission,” said Abdul Rasul Sayaf, an Afghan MP.

But some other opposed the idea arguing this would let the constitutional implementation commission to meddle in the parliament affairs.

“Referring the issue to an organisation outside the house, it would be much more like an intervention from outside,” Mr Qanooni said.

Some other MPs think the reason the parliament hasn’t been able to have its speaker is because some lawmakers act personally without considering the whole.

“The problem is with us. There are some political problems among us,” said another Afghan MP, Shekiba Hashimi.

The elections special tribunal has summoned three parliamentarians to answer questions about electoral frauds.

Temporary Speaker of the House said members of the house have decided to stop the summoned MPs to go to the tribunal.

Meanwhile, Afghan senators have elected heads of commissions in the Senate. The Senate has twelve commissions each chaired by a head.

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