avalanche in PanjsherNearly two hundred have lost their lives as deadly avalanches struck a number of districts in northern Panjsher province of Afghanistan.

According to deputy provincial governor Abdul Khabir Bakhshi the death toll from avalanches have reached to 187 people.

Bakhshi further added that there are fears that the death toll could rise as several others are still missing.

He said the avalanches hit five districts including the central district of Panjsher province where majority of the people lost their lives in Paryan and Hesa-e-Awal districts.

Bakhshi also added that the routes to the affected areas have been blocked due to avalanche and efforts have been put in place to clear the areas so that the first aid can be supplied.

This comes as at least three people including two women lost their lives due to avalanche in Takhar while casualties are feared due to flash floods in southeastern Laghman province.

At least five people also lost their lives after they were hit by avalanche in central Bamiyan province of Afghanistan two days ago.